Hello all, by now you should have received your copy of the April edition of the Motor Caravanners Magazine. Because if the Covid 19 restrictions the printers are now closed for the duration and we will be sending out a Newsletter to all possible members starting with the May 2020 magazine stand in.

Preparation of that Newsletter is well underway, and it will be sent out by email and published on the Club website. A link will be placed on Facebook, but since the Newsletter will contain information etc specifically to the advantage of members of the club, we cannot just post the text on Facebook as this is accessed by non-members of the club.

However, if you have not registered an email address on your membership profile or have changed your email service provider (say from freeserve to Gmail etc) and have not told us, then you will not receive the newsletter.

I have now sent out an email to about 3500 members with registered email addresses, but 250 plus have returned as not recognised. If you received that email, don’t forget to check your SPAM box,  then you need DO NOTHING, not even acknowledge receipt. The email will come from an unmonitored email account ( so you will only be wasting your time.

BUT, if you HAVEN’T received the email, then either you have no email address registered or you have an old or inaccurate address registered.

In that case I would ask you to email us with the correct email address to the following email account

You need to advise the following:

Membership Number

Lead Member Name

Updated email address

Do not send it to the office email account nor to any other club email account. Ron is manning the office single handed and is somewhat busy. Sending to the ‘update email’ account will separate the issues an allow us to handle the change easier. 

Many thanks for your co-operation and help

Stay Safe out there.



.The date for next years AGM is the 16th-18th of October 2020













If you have any announcements please let me know regards Jeremy.


It is with a very heavy heart that i have to inform you of the passing of Mr Les Cheney husband of Jayne and a former chairman of Severn Valley Group who passed away on the 24/4/20 he was a true MCC and Severn valley member and will be greatly missed by all that knew him rest in peace.Regards all of the MCC and Severn valley members.



Come and join us

Welcome to Severn Valley Mcc

Let the good times roll

Rally after Rally after Rally


Derrick- vice chairman and assistant secretary

Derrick- vice chairman and assistant secretary

Derrick- vice chairman and assistant secretary


Derrick Harrison looking to bring the group forward.

Sandy- Rally Officer

Derrick- vice chairman and assistant secretary

Derrick- vice chairman and assistant secretary


Sandy Layton hoping to develop the club program into all areas any ideas welcome.

Stewart- Treasurer

Derrick- vice chairman and assistant secretary

Liz- Secretary/welfare


Stewart Priddey will keep a close eye on the club's money

Liz- Secretary/welfare

Janet- Committee Member

Liz- Secretary/welfare


Liz Harrison with the help of the members keeping up with the welfare, and keeping the information flowing to all members of severn valley.

Janet- Committee Member

Janet- Committee Member

Janet- Committee Member


Janet Emeny always willing to lend a hand when required .

Mick- Health and Safety

Janet- Committee Member

Janet- Committee Member


Mick Emeny will bring the group safely into another year

Jeremy- Chairman

Sheila- Committee Member

Sheila- Committee Member


 Jeremy Layton Hoping to improve attendance and interest in the group.

Sheila- Committee Member

Sheila- Committee Member

Sheila- Committee Member


Sheila Priddey another willing pair of hand's to help out

Tony-Equipment officer

Sheila- Committee Member

Tony-Equipment officer


Anthony Barnsley looking after the group assets.

Tony-Equipment officer


committee contact

*please fill in all boxes*

We love our members and visitors so feel free to visit and have some fun.

severn valley mcc

Rules And Regulations

Host Guide Lines

The Motorcaravanner’s Club


Host Guide Lines

Firstly thank you for hosting a rally, without you we would not be able to run rallies, if you require further guidance on any matter not covered below, or not sure on please contact the Group Secretary or Rally Officer who will try to avail any concerns or misgivings you may hold.

1. On accepting the duties it is always a good idea if you don’t know the rally site to speak to the Rally Officer to establish what equipment i.e. signs etc you may need, where’s best to park, (it is always best to park yourself as close as possible to the entrance) and how you should park members on arrival. If possible check the surrounding area for points of interest during the weekend of your rally.

2. Ensure the equipment you require in addition to the direction signs, reception signs, elsan and fresh water signs, which need to be collected by yourselves from the previous rally or arrange for someone to collect them on your behalf as these are handed on from rally to rally.

3. Time your arrival so as to leave yourself sufficient time to put signs out and get yourself set up prior to your chosen start time. If at a school you shouldn’t arrive before the majority of pupils have vacated the premises, again the Rally Officer can advise.

4. Place signs out in a prominent position to aid members attending.


Remember these signs need collecting in again at the end of the rally.

5. Park members camper vans, according to the 6 metre rule.

All vans should be able to drive off site in forward gear.

Please seek guidance from the Constitution, Appendix K Annex 1, to be found in your rally pack, or from a committee member if unsure.

Visitors should not be allowed on site with their vehicles. Please ask them to park in an area near the entrance. The clubs insurance does not cover their vehicles. Make a note of the names on the booking sheet,

6. Remember you are first point of contact members have, so you should be polite and friendly. Please do not get into disagreements, but respectfully advise the member their grievance will be reported to a committee member if you are unable to resolve the matter.

7.All members are to show their membership card on arrival. This will enable you to record their number on the booking sheet and check membership has not expired. If in any doubt speak to a committee member.

8. It is preferable that all fees are taken as members arrive. Site fees and electric charges have been published in both rally programme and on the website. These fees are per unit per night.

Visitors should also be listed and charges applied to them if they take part in any of the arranged proceedings.

9. It is normal practice to run a raffle, the budget for this is up to £30/£60 on larger rally's. Please ensure you keep your receipts to enable you to claim your money back. Raffle tickets can be obtained from the Secretary or Treasurer. Ticket start and end numbers need to be recorded on the rally expense sheet for accountability.

10. Urns, if used, need to be switched on at least 1 hour before needed. Tea, coffee and sugar should be checked on receiving the equipment and replenished if necessary along with biscuits and milk for your event. As a guide 12 tea bags to a pot. Coffee morning on Sunday morning is normally 10.30 unless otherwise advised by the host or a Committee member. It is advised that when transferring boiling water from the urn to tea pots, that one person holds the pot and one controls the flow of boiling water. Two people emptying hot water from the urn is also advised.

11. When hosts wish to provide a buffet (this not a requirement) a limit of £2 per van can be claimed back with the production of receipts. However, care needs to be taken on estimating the number of vans attending. It is therefore prudent to not purchase foodstuffs prior to the actual day of the buffet/BBQ/etc. but rather on the day when actual numbers can reasonably be determined.

12. It is preferred all forms are completed by the host and handed to the treasurer along with monies and receipts for expenditure that you wish to claim back, along with any unused paperwork. If the Treasurer is not attending the rally please pass on to an attending Committee member.

13. Equipment should be cleaned and packed prior to handing over to the host of the next rally.

14. Generic risks at each rally, will be assessed be the rally officer. In the event of any further risks being identified once on site, the host should highlight this risk on the form. Accident and Incident forms must also to be completed after any injury or unforeseen event.

We hope your experience running a rally has been favourable.

May we take this opportunity in thanking you for your invaluable contribution to


Severn Valley Group

Supplementary Document

2016 – 2017

The document records the selected options and additional procedures

appropriate to the operation of Severn Valley Group in accordance of para 5.1

of the Groups Constitution.

The options selected are listed below and are referenced by the appropriate

paragraph of the Constitution For Groups issue 7 dated 22nd Oct 2016.

Group Administration.

5.2 The group committee shall comprise of not more than 15 and not less

than 5 members.

5.7 Voting procedure at an AGM/EGM shall be by show of hands during

the meeting and by ballot paper for election of committee members.

Only members of Severn Valley Group are entitled to vote. Visitors

must be segregated to avoid being counted by accident.

5.10 Option “b” has been adopted.

One third of all Group Committee’s longest serving members shall retire

by rotation at the AGM but can stand for re-election at this time.

5.11 Option “a” has been adopted.

Officers shall be elected by the group Committee from within the

Committee at a Committee meeting immediately after the AGM/EGM.

5.20 Group members will be informed of a committee decision made at a

Committee meeting being posted in the following format.

1. On a Notice Board at rallies.

2. On the Group Web Site.

5.21 A Quorum of Committee Members for emergency voting shall be not

less than 4 containing at least one of the following, Chairperson, Vice

Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer or Rally Officer. Minutes are to be

taken and distributed to the remainder of Committee within 7 days

of the meeting.


7.1 The Funds of Severn Valley Group MCC are held against this name

within Lloyds Bank Redditch Branch.

7.2 The policy for accounting for capital expenditure is by recording and

maintaining on a computer spreadsheet held by the Treasurer of all

purchases, write offs and depreciations, accounts are to be prepared

and offered for verification by the 31st July each year to a nominated

independent examiner at an AGM.

7.3 The Protected Fund of the Group shall not have more than 5% spent on

any capital asset from the combined funds held in current or deposit

accounts held against the group, without a minute being passed at an

AGM/EGM or Committee meeting.

7.4 The Chair person is authorised without the need of committee to spend

up to £100 on two occasions per calendar year.

Committee meeting 05 April 2014 (min 2).

7.5 The person responsible for carrying and operating the music equipment

at a rally shall be entitled to one free nights parking at a venue.

Committee meeting 30 Nov 2013 (min7)

Group Rally Site Management

9.9 The fire extinguisher is to be kept by the host of a rally and visible at all


9.10 Emergency Procedure, members are to activate hazard warning lights

together with generating as much noise as possible by shouting and/or

operating the vehicle horn until assistance arrives.

9.16 Procedure adopted for prevention of overcrowding at rallies, as called

for in the Constitution of Groups 9.19

9.16.1 The size of venue is too small to accommodate all members likely to


Option 9.17.3 accept no bookings, take first come first served until full.

9.16.2 The site is reduced in size due to adverse conditions to the site

Option 9.17.6 accept no bookings, take first come first served until full.

Passed at AGM dated __________________

Chairman ____________________ Signed___________________

Revised Edition 22nd